Argentum is a company founded in 2017 as the successor of Famipa – Prizren, i.e. her ECM (electrical contact materials) of the drive. It has technology and equipment (machines for rivets from the largest DODUCO GMBH company world manufacturer of contact materials) for the production of contact materials as well as equipment for the production of solders.

All contact materials are certified by the appropriate institutes as well as by the direct users of the contact materials materials in Austria, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia…

The owner of the company and head of production is Sevcet Jakupi, a metallurgical engineer who specializes in the company METALOR (Métaux Précieux SA Métalor-Neuchâtel SUISSE) in 1978 (on the subject of finalizing silver into wire, rivets and tapes) and who worked for more than 30 years in Famipa – Prizren (ECM plant) in various positions.

Also, in Argentum highly qualified craftsmen with many years of experience in the mentioned production program also work.

Our experience makes us the perfect partner in the field of our specialty: development and production of contact materials as well as production of solders for hard and soft soldering.